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Why Inversion6

With an abundance of solutions and providers, the task of choosing the right option is critical and can sometimes be overwhelming.

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"Thanks to Inversion6, we now have an established protocol and response procedure whenever incidents are detected. Now, we are able to act immediately to prevent a security event from becoming a larger incident."

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It’s Time To Elevate Data-Centric Cybersecurity

By Christopher Prewitt

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CISO Craig Burland on Biden administration’s update to AI security goals

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Don’t take chances when it comes to your business’ security risks.

Our security risk assessment takes an enterprise-wide look at your current security plan. Executed by CISOs with real-world, in-house experience, the assessment focuses on your people, processes and technology to make sure your organization is protected against vulnerabilities and threat actors.

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Our security risk assessment can help you identify potential vulnerabilities
You might have unprotected intellectual property, or gaps in your back-up strategy.

Security risk can be found anywhere and often outside of IT’s direct control.


Enterprise-wide strategic look at security (risks, people, process, technology, etc.)

Scorecard across ISO or NIST domains

Heatmap of identified risk

Collaboratively developed security plan


The perfect roadmap for a strong
security program.

During each phase of our holistic security risk assessment, our CISOs ask questions to ensure we understand your procedures to provide you with the proper customized recommendations and plan for you to make informed decisions regarding your cyber security strategy.



What are your most important assets and vulnerabilities? What would be the primary targets for a hacker? What vendors are you working with that provide security gaps?



What controls do you already have in place? What type of threats are you most susceptible to? What is your company doing today to safeguard critical assets or address vulnerabilities?



What solutions will help address some of your current security gaps? Do you need an email filtering system? Do you have incident response plans in place? Do you have safe, encrypted backup data available offline?



What further tools, policies, and protocols can minimize risk moving forward? What controls could limit business email compromise issues? What can you add that would minimize future risk from everything from viruses to ransomware?

Why Inversion6

Ease your worries with a Security Risk Assessment.

If your organization’s sensitive data gets released, it could cost you time and
money that you cannot afford to waste.


The benefits of managed cybersecurity services include improved data protection, compliance, regulation adherence and more. Discover more with Inversion6.


Deception-based security measures mitigate risk and provide invaluable insight that enables you to stay ahead of cyber threats. Learn more with Inversion6.


Cybersecurity leadership is expensive and hard to acquire. Fractional CISO services give you an option to improve your resilience. Learn more here.