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"Thanks to Inversion6, we now have an established protocol and response procedure whenever incidents are detected. Now, we are able to act immediately to prevent a security event from becoming a larger incident."

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Five Ways To Prepare Your Cybersecurity Program For A Recession

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Assess Your SaaS Security 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications like Office 365, Salesforce and Workday are great for scaling your business, but can

expose you to some unexpected risks. Misconfigurations and 3rd party integrations can jeopardize your data protection or introduce policy violations.

Our experienced team of Chief Information Security Officers, along with best-in-class tools, work  with you to help 

identify your biggest risk areas. We then offer strategies and recommendations to mitigate them.  


Misconfigurations result in an astounding number of SaaS data security breaches. 

With industry-leading tools, our team can scrub your SaaS applications to find:

Computer threat and vulnerability warning

Threats and vulnerabilities from

misconfigurations and 3rd party

integrations in the current


Compliance gaps in configuration

Potential compliance gaps in

configuration compared to preferred

framework (e.g., NIST, SOC2, etc.)

Exposed Internet Information

Information exposed to the internet

and over-privileged accounts

If You Use SaaS Applications, This Security Assessment is for You.

Our CISOs will work with you to assess your SaaS security management processes for platforms like Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, GitHub, Workday and more. With the help of best-in-class monitoring tools, we will gather data from your cloud applications and review the configuration to find risks like overpowered users, information exposed to the Internet and compliance violations.

How the SaaS Security Assessment Works:


Uncover all the SaaS applications your organization uses


Identify the misconfigurations that can leave your organization vulnerable


Strategic and tactical view of security posture for two SaaS applications along with risk findings for use in a risk register as well as threat context


Recommend policy, procedure and awareness training changes along with summary of significant findings against SaaS security best practices

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