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Revitalizing a healthcare cyber security program for optimal protection. 

We used our expertise to craft a healthcare cyber security program that effectively executes security assessments and threat identifications.

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What was the challenge?

With thousands of employees and numerous facilities, our heathcare client faced daily security challenges.

The goal was to minimize threat actors and implement tools to identify vulnerabilities before it was too late. Inversion6 partnered up with their leadership to implement a perfectly crafted healthcare cyber security plan.

How did we move the needle?


We evaluated their network, system, security policies, procedures and compliance requirements. The number of gaps found were prioritized and presented with recommendations to leadership. Our experts coordinated and supported efforts to remediate these gaps. 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) System

We implemented LogRhythm to provide their team with real-time threat monitoring, advanced data analytics and scalable solutions as their cyber security needs and vulnerabilities increase. 

Email Security

Business email compromise (BEC) was rising among their workforce so we introduced three critical tools.

  • Mimecast is a cloud-based email management and security system that scans emails passed through their system to ensure safety.
  • Varonis tracks, visualizes, analyzes and protects unstructured data to better understand and streamline user access privileges.
  • Digital Defense conducts penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to search for weaknesses and threats.

Data Center Firewall Configuration

We secured their firewall to prevent unauthorized outside access and identify suspicious internal access. Ongoing antivirus efforts were amplified through SOPHOS, a leading provider of numerous security tools.

Managed Cyber Security Offerings

Most recently, we began providing 24/7/365 monitoring with our Secure Operations Center (SOC). This puts the hospital on the offensive by actively seeking out potential threats, exhaustively verifying every last detail and providing actionable alerts. 

Why was the project a success?

Within six months of utilizing our SOC, Inversion6 was able to identify and prevent more than 100 potential threats.

We continued to support the hospital as they transitioned to additional vulnerability scanning and deception technology solutions.

As well as providing periodic incident response tabletops, which create a life-like scenario in which the company has experienced an attack to identify opportunities for improvement or clarity. The hospital is now in a stronger position to prevent threats to its data, patients and systems.

Inversion6 keeps the healthcare industry safe and secure. 

If your healthcare organization is struggling with any kind of cyber security challenges or if you’re looking for third-party support to validate and enhance your efforts, Inversion6 has your back.