We’re a selected team of skilled cybersecurity professionals who work as an extension of your IT staff, as well as best-in-class technology to add an additional layer of protection to your organization.

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Our comprehensive outsourced cybersecurity program leverages advanced technology and expert professionals to enhance your security without the need for in-house capabilities.

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We collaborate with best in the business to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of care and support. These trusted relationships allow us to better serve and educate our customers.

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Why Inversion6

With an abundance of solutions and providers, the task of choosing the right option is critical and can sometimes be overwhelming.

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"Thanks to Inversion6, we now have an established protocol and response procedure whenever incidents are detected. Now, we are able to act immediately to prevent a security event from becoming a larger incident."

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Our experts are thought leaders in the cybersecurity space. From blogs to publications and webinars, check out these resources to learn more about what’s trending in our industry and how you can stay ahead.

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Driving Your Enterprise Risk Management Strategy

By Christopher Prewitt

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Latest Inversion6 Press

CISO Craig Burland’s latest byline in Cyber Defense Magazine discusses the importance of accountability in cybersecurity.

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Add a Fractional CISO to your team

Our tenured chief information security officers (CISOs) get to know your business, tailor solutions to fit your objectives and are readily available when you need them. 

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Why Inversion6

Our Fractional CISO experts develop custom cyber security strategies to safeguard your business.

You don’t take the safety of your networks and data lightly. Neither do we. However, hiring and retaining a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a significant investment not all businesses can afford, which is why our fractional CISO services have become an extremely popular choice with our customers.

Build a security plan build
High level of accessibility
Senior-level expertise
Measureable Performance
Security problem ownership
Our CISO Solutions

Personalized CISO Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

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You need expert guidance and advice to overcome complex cyber security challenges within your organization or operations.

Monthly advising provided by our experienced CISOs, offer recommendations and support for challenges.

Solution Need
Need Solution

Your organization lacks a comprehensive cyber security strategy and plan that aligns with business objectives.

Our Fractional CISOs will create a highly tailored cyber security strategy and plan to safeguard your organization.

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You’re struggling to meet security requirements from your customers and cyber insurance brokers.

Our team knows these questions and how to prioritize the cyber security projects which will help get ahead of them.

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You’re unsure how to identify potential security risks and implement effective mitigation strategies to protect your business.

Risk assessments designed to meet regulatory requirements, and kick off an ongoing risk management program.

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You’re not clear if your organization meets regulatory and industry cyber security standards and requirements.

Our CISOs' knowledge and experience will ensure compliance with the latest cybersecurity regulations and standards. 

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You’re a rapidly growing startup who’s customers are starting to ask a lot of tough questions about security and compliance, and you don’t have the time or expertise to address them.

Hire one of our CISO’s to help you focus on the security efforts that are going to win you business and carefully manage security spend.

Solution Need
  • • Annual risk assesment
  • • Security strategy
  • • Project plan
  • • Execute on security projects
  • • Control implementation
  • • Regular meetings
  • • Integration into security team
  • • Present to board
  • • Respond to third-party auditors
  • • Track metrics

How our CISOs work with you

How our CISOs work with you
  • • Annual risk assesment
  • • Security strategy
  • • Project plan
  • • Execute on security projects
  • • Control implementation
  • • Regular meetings
  • • Integration into security team
  • • Present to board
  • • Respond to third-party auditors
  • • Track metrics

Connect with our CISO experts.

We can create a security program aligned with your organizational goals—not cookie-cutter.

Additional CISO Services

  • Enterprise-wide strategic look at security (risks, people, process, technology, etc.)
  • Includes:
    • Scorecard across ISO 27002 domains
    • Heatmap of identified risks
    • Security Plan, collaboratively developed by your team and Inversion6

Schedule a time to discuss how you can establish better priorities for your security program.

  • Conduct workshops/sessions to review of Office 365 & Azure security settings against the standard benchmarks (CIS) and Microsoft's recommended security defaults
  • Lead sessions to review and discuss recommendations and suggestions on the rollout of Microsoft security best practices
  • Deliver a detailed report with checklist and recommendations to implement

Connect with our team here to level up your Microsoft 365 security efforts.

  • Strategic and tactical view of security posture for two SaaS applications
  • Includes:
    • Summary of significant findings against best practices and two preferred policy frameworks
    • Risk assessment for use in a risk register as well as threat context
    • Recommended policy, procedure, and awareness training changes

Schedule a meeting now to gather insights into your current SaaS security posture.

  • Will focus on achieving appropriate certification level (1-3)
  • Responsible for execution of security projects as identified during assessment
  • Includes:
    • Risk Assessment & CMMC Readiness Assessment
    • Roughly one day per month from dedicated resource (onsite and offsite)
    • 12-month engagement (option to renew annually)

Click here to set up a time to get started on the CMMC process.

  • Delivery of a report on potential improvements to the IR process
  • Supply a report of findings, SWOT analysis, improvement plan, and recommendations

Schedule a time to connect here to assess your team’s current response.

  • Assessing the security of IT assets being acquired (may involve additional tools)
  • Leading the integration project in the role of an "Integration Architect"
  • Creating a detailed integration plan with a phased approach with clear stage gate criterion for moving to the next phase
  • Dedicated senior resource (onsite and offsite)

Connect with our experts here to ensure every stage of your M&A is covered.

  • With our help, you’re able to build and maintain cyber security compliance without investing extra resources to build your internal security team
  • Our team has extensive experience and can ensure the right work is done to fully meet requirements, without requiring massive years-long projects
  • We will interact with and manage your audi­tors, to keep them on-track, and within scope, also ensuring there is no auditor overreach
  • We can assist with multiple regulations including: CMMC, SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST, NYCRR and the FTC safeguards

Schedule a meeting with our experts now.

  • Help companies comply with ongoing FTC security guidelines
  • Includes:
    • Risk assessment to evaluate your current security practices and provide an analysis of how your efforts stack up against the regulations
    • Development of Information Security Policy and Roadmap to help meet many of the requirements and will provide visibility into deficient areas
    • Guidance on controls implementations, as well as supporting policies to properly implement necessary controls to protect consumer data
    • 24x7x365 monitoring of your systems using best-in-class Endpoint Detection and Response software, as well as security awareness for your employees

Schedule a time to connect to explore our partnership that will help you fully comply with FTC Safeguards Rule.


Soon, CMMC 2.0 will become a reality for any business looking to contract with the Defense Industrial Base. Review the CMMC certification process here.


Pursuing SOC 2 compliance for startups should be a high priority due to the requirements set by potential customers, vendors, and investors. Learn more from Inversion6.


Undergoing a Microsoft 365 security assessment is a necessary component of getting the most out of this productivity platform.