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By Christopher Prewitt

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April 25, 2023
By: Inversion6

Cybersecurity Support Services Add Resilience

As more businesses rely on digital technologies, and the expectation of being able to access anything from anywhere continues to rise, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical topic for executives, board members, and small business owners alike. Cybersecurity support services have long since become a must-have for businesses of all sizes and no business is immune to the risk. 

For instance, in 2022, nearly 43% of cyberattacks targeted SMBs but only 14% were prepared to deal with it. Data breaches can lead to significant financial losses due to downtime, compliance failures, potential lawsuits, and loss of customer trust. The estimated global financial costs of data breaches reached $4.35 million in 2022 and are expected to continue rising in 2023. 

Managing these risks, or even just assessing them, is outside the scope of what many organizations can feasibly handle. That’s where the benefits of working with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) come into play. 

With an MSSP, you can preserve the human and financial resources you would have spent on cybersecurity for use in other areas of your organization. An MSSP also brings a high level of expertise to your cybersecurity support services as well as 24/7 coverage. Because cyber threats are constantly evolving and growing in sophistication, your business needs cybersecurity support services to match. 

Make Sure Your Business is Protected: Connect with our cybersecurity experts to get started on your tailored security solution today. 

3 Types of Cybersecurity Support Services  

Managed Cybersecurity Services 

With managed cybersecurity services, you gain access to a seasoned team of cybersecurity experts without the expense and time required to build one in-house. A MSSP functions as an extension of your IT department to ensure personalized security solutions for your business with world-class technology to provide an additional layer of security. 

Your systems can be monitored around the clock with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, and Managed SIEM provides real-time visibility for threats across the entirety of your IT landscape. Autonomous penetration testing launches simulated cyberattacks to find vulnerabilities and help your business stay ahead of the cybercriminals.  

Fractional CISO Services 

Fractional CISO services provide your business with the skills and knowledge of a Chief Information Security Officer with years of experience in the cybersecurity support services industry. Rather than hiring for a full-time in-house position, which can be costly, fractional CISO services give you access to a high-performing veteran who can personalize your cybersecurity solutions and seamlessly integrate with your team to develop strong, lasting relationships and company familiarity. 

While fractional CISO services solutions are broad and tailored to each individual business, your fractional CISO can help your company stay ahead of cyber threats. Incident tabletop exercises allow your CISO to stress test your organization to analyze your readiness to respond to a cyber attack, while an in-depth risk assessment will reveal a heatmap of your company’s identified risks and assist in the development of a security plan. Fractional CISOs can also help you remain proactive when it comes to acquisitions and mergers by developing a playbook beforehand in order to minimize cybersecurity risks. 

Cybersecurity Compliance 

Cybersecurity compliance consists of a complex network of regulations. It can be difficult for businesses to keep on top of all the frameworks, certifications, privacy, and industry standards involved. An MSSP can navigate these regulations on behalf of your organization and ensure that you meet compliance standards without investing in additional resources or an in-house team. With an MSSP, your company also benefits from decades of experience and a team of advocates who will interact with and manage your auditors to keep them on track and within scope. 

Arm Yourself with Knowledge: Learn the 5 essential things that every CEO should know about cybersecurity. 

Inversion6 Provides Proven Cybersecurity Support Services 

Inversion6 is a cybersecurity risk management provider with years of experience in providing tailored cybersecurity support services for organizations of every size and in every sector. Our full suite of solutions helps our clients define a cybersecurity strategy, identify and remediate threats, implement the latest technology, and stay ahead of cyber threats. We’re dedicated to building trusted relationships with our clients and bringing innovative expertise to every organization. 

We partner with the best providers in the industry to bring the most cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients.  

Relying on experienced providers of cybersecurity support services is a necessity in today’s world. Connect with our team today to learn more about our breadth of solutions and deep reservoir of expertise. 

Post Written By: Inversion6
Inversion6 and our team of CISOs are experts in information security, storage, and networking solutions. We work alongside your team to implement technology solutions that are smart, flexible, and customized to fit your needs.

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