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Charting the Course to CMMC Compliance Excellence

Our experts understand that achieving cyber security governance compliance like CMMC compliance is a critical step for contracting organizations in the modern digital landscape. As you increase your focus on cyber security, you need a partner who can guide you through the complexities while ensuring your business remains secure.

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Let’s compare the common government contractor compliance requirements.

Your business may fall under different sets of regulations like CMMC, FAR and NIST. Each sets a standard related to cyber security and data protection in the context of government contracts and federal organizations in the United States.

What is

CMMC is a specific framework developed by the DoD to address cyber security in the defense industrial base, while FAR is a broader set of regulations governing federal acquisitions that may include cyber security requirements. NIST provides detailed cyber security guidelines that are often referenced in government contracts and can be used to help organizations meet their cyber security obligations under FAR and other regulations.

  • Created by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in 2020 to bolster the cyber security readiness of companies within the defense industrial base (DIB).
  • Five-tiered maturity model of cyber security protocols, spanning from basic cyber hygiene to advanced and proactive security measures.
  • Organizations that want to bid on DoD contracts or subcontract with organizations that do business with the DoD are required to achieve a specific CMMC level.
  • CMMC's primary objective is to guarantee that contractors and subcontractors entrusted with handling controlled unclassified information (CUI) implement the requisite cyber security safeguards.
  • A set of rules and regulations that govern the federal acquisition process in the United States, mainly concerned with the acquisition of goods and services by federal agencies.
  • FAR is not focused on cyber security but it includes necessities related to cyber security requirements for government contracts.
  • References other cyber security standards which government contractors must comply with when handling sensitive data.

  • NIST is a federal agency that develops and publishes cyber security standards, guidelines and best practices for both government and private sector organizations.
  • Includes 800-53 and 800-171, which provide detailed guidance on securing information systems and protecting sensitive data.
  • NIST 800-171 will remain the basis for CMMC for contractors working with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) for other federal agencies.


Take advantage of our expert approach as you strive to achieve CMMC compliance.

  • PLAN

    Establish objectives and goals

    Identify the opportunity for improvement, set specific targets and plan how to achieve them.

    · Can incorporate risk and security assessments

    · Help you determine your current exposure and desired CMMC level

    · Eliminate unnecessary costs

  • DO

    Implement the planned actions and remediate gaps

    Carry out the planned activities, starting with a pilot project or small-scale test.

    · Hands-on phase where you put your plan into action

    · Develop Plans of Action & Milestones (POA&Ms)

    · Execute the POA&Ms and Build your NIST Security Program


    Assess and monitor the results

    Compare the actual outcomes to the expected outcomes and gather data to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes. 

    · Build the System Security Plan (SSP)

    · Perform a follow-up assessment and regenerate SPAR Score

  • ACT

    Make decisions and take actions

    If the results align with your objectives and goals, you standardize the improvements, update processes and continue monitoring.

    · If the results fall short, we will help you adjust your plan, make necessary changes and repeat this cycle.

    · Includes assessment by a certified 3CPAO Auditor

    · Options to continue monitoring for proper compliance

These challenges could be holding you
back from closing your CMMC gap.

We can help you take the proper
action for remediation.

  • · No business buy-in or contract awareness.

  • · Failing to understand how CUI flows through an organization.

  • · Inadequate policies, procedures and compliance-related documentation.

  • · Missing a high-level System Security Plan (SSP)

  • · Poor (or non-existent) Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&M)

  • · Limited security monitoring and incident response capabilities

  • · FIPS-Compliant vs. FIPS-validated encryption

  • · FedRAMP-Equivalent vs. FedRAMP-Authorized Cloud Services

Why Inversion6

Trust Inversion6 to guide you towards CMMC compliance and safeguard your digital future.

We offer dedicated CISO support for your year-long CMMC certification journey, with certified experts to help achieve and maintain the right compliance level for your organization.

Let us be your compass on your path to compliance. We support you by measuring your current state and pinpointing areas where you fall short of the cybersecurity maturity model certification requirements. Our team will do everything in our power to ensure you’re on track at every step.


Soon, CMMC 2.0 will become a reality for any business looking to contract with the Defense Industrial Base. Review the CMMC certification process here.


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