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August 15, 2023
By: Craig Burland

The Virtual Data Center: A Guide to Cloud-Centric Cybersecurity

Welcome to the Cloud Age — a fluffy white, risk-free realm of computing freedom! Enterprise executives, rejoice! No longer do you have to suffer the burden of physical servers, menacingly humming away in some cold, dark room. No longer do you have to worry about dark fiber, natural disasters, or rising energy costs. No longer do you need to worry about capital depreciation schedules and retaining infrastructure resources. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS provide endless options for utilizing a virtual data center to solve your business challenges. 

But before you pop that celebratory champagne and declare your company risk-free, let's pause for a moment. While the absence of physical infrastructure might appear like a giant step towards simplicity and reduced risks, is it really? Let’s delve into a few misconceptions about the virtual data center. 

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The Illusion of Safety 

You might believe that without a physical data center, all of your cybersecurity risks have been addressed. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Your data still resides on a server, just not on your premises. It's hosted by a third party, and while they might boast impressive security measures, they aren’t immune to breaches. The shift to the cloud essentially means you’re placing a significant portion of your trust in another entity. Any vulnerability on their end becomes your vulnerability. 

Many cloud service providers operate on what’s called the “Shared Responsibility Model”. While they’re responsible for the security of the cloud (think infrastructure, hardware, operating systems), you’re still responsible for the security in the cloud (your data, access control, and identities). This division often isn’t clear-cut or well-communicated, leading to potential security gaps. 

Within your physical data center, you have direct oversight, visibility, and control. The transition to the cloud means less insight into who or what is probing your environment, especially if you’re leveraging multiple providers. It’s pretty simple: if you don’t know what's happening, you can’t protect against it. 

A Cybersecurity Focus is Imperative, Physical Servers or Not 

The allure of the cloud can be compelling. But let’s remember, it’s not a magical safe haven. It’s essential to adopt a strong and consistent cybersecurity posture regardless of who operates your infrastructure. Just as you must protect tangible assets with physical security, intangible assets in the digital realm need equal, if not more, vigilance. 

Business operations largely depend on digital assets. Customer data, trade secrets, business strategies — they're all digital gold, attracting cybercriminals like moths to a flame. Identifying, tagging, and protecting sensitive information poses a serious challenge in the Cloud Age as storing and sharing content requires little more than the flip of a switch. 

Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA aren’t swayed by your choice of infrastructure. Compliance remains your responsibility. In fact, cloud setups might even demand more stringent monitoring and documentation to ensure compliance. 

A breach, even in a cloud environment, can wreak havoc on a company's reputation. Your stakeholders, partners, and clients trust you with their data. Maintaining that trust is non-negotiable, irrespective of your infrastructure.  

Misconceptions in the World of the Virtual Data Center 

When exploring cybersecurity for a non-physical setup, a few misconceptions often surface: 

  • "Our enterprise is not on the radar of cybercriminals." Size isn’t a deterrent to cyber threats. Every organization, big or small, is a potential target. Cyber criminals rely on automation and often cast a wide net to catch any unsuspecting organization in their schemes. 

  • "Traditional protections are sufficient." Relying solely on traditional protection measures like EDR isn’t enough for a cloud-centric organization as the attack surface has shifted. 

  • “Cybersecurity knowledge isn’t as important.” The decentralized, democratized nature of cloud computing makes ubiquitous understanding of cyber risks and good practices even more essential as strong governance and control isn’t a typical component of a cloud-centric model. 

Managing Multi-Cloud Security: Cloud Managed Security Service Providers, or cloud MSSPs, are vital in safeguarding your data in multi-cloud environments. Learn more here. 

Raise Up Your Cyber Security Program With Inversion6 

The Cloud Age and the onset of virtual data centers is a disruptive evolution in business computing, demanding an evolution in cybersecurity to match. Here are some cardinal points to consider: 

  • Data Awareness: Keep a close eye on where your data resides and who's authorized to access it. Knowledge is the first step to an effective defense. 

  • Update Protections: New software and systems are needed to protect the cloud. Staying current is about more than just keeping pace with on-premise technology; it's about ensuring security across your entire environment. 

  • Ongoing Education: A well-informed team, from entry-level to the top-tier, is a formidable frontline against cyber threats. Keep the organization aware and engaged. 

  • Prepare for Contingencies: Establish a protocol for potential breaches. Having a proactive stance ensures you’re not caught off guard. 

In summary, while the shift to virtual data centers offers considerable business benefits, it's crucial not to mistake this for a reduction in cyber threats. Stay informed, vigilant, and proactive to ensure your enterprise successfully navigates the Cloud Age with confidence and security. 

Connect with the Inversion6 team today to learn more. 

Post Written By: Craig Burland
Craig Burland is a Chief Information Security Officer for Inversion6. He is an innovative, driven leader with more than 25 years of experience in information technology and information security. Craig has a record of exceeding expectations by building strong teams, forging key partnerships and delivering innovative results. He is fluent in defining strategies and articulating business value. Craig also holds a B.A. from University of Michigan.

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